Hydrotherm Massage – Massage Reinvented

Hydrotherm is a massage where you lie on two cushions filled with water heated to 30-40 degrees. This provides a uniquely luxurious massage experience for you, and your muscles are instantly relaxed as they are gently warmed by the cushions.

The massage differs from other types of massage in that it is carried out with the client lying face up throughout the treatment.

The water supports the body and the heat from the water enables tight muscles to begin to relax before the massage even starts. The system is designed to give perfect spinal alignment whilst in this position.

Please note. At this present moment we have no therapist’s qualified at Hydrotherm level for Pregnancy. You will be able to confirm this with Hydrotherm head office. Hydrotherm have qualified therapist Katie McGuire on there data base.

30 min Relaxation Massage £20

55 min Relaxation Massage £40

75 min Relaxation Massage & Mini Facial £55

90 min Relaxation Massage & Luxury Facial £70


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